Company Profile

Being one of the most reputed and top builders in Patna,Construction company in Patna Satyamev Group is synonymous with development and perfection in the real estate world. Since its inception, Satyamev group has dedicated itself to set the mark of standard building and architectural marvel that has always amazed the people and competitors alike. There is something in the way that we value our work and our customers, and that shows in the quality of the workmanship.

The company had initially started small, but in a matter of few years, we made it to the list of top builders in Patna with our work spanning all the sections of building like flats, duplexes, colonies, townships, and much more customized structures that appeal to the demand of the customer.

Customer satisfaction has been our principal most driving factor that has resulted in relentless working which is very well manifested in the innovative and sustainable masterpiece that we plan and erect. Perhaps what sets us apart from others builders in Patna is the fact that all these features are available to the general people at an economical cost without hampering the world class standards that we maintain in our work. We have faced a difficult situation, collaborated on some of the critical projects, and rose to the top in this fierce competition among the best apartment builders in Patna’s real estate field.

Since our birth in Patna, we have only imagined ourselves to become the world standard in India and rest of the world, and establish ourselves as the top builders in Patna. Our target is sky high, and our will and commitment to deliver the best to our customer are what drives us to dream and envision such feats and fulfil it with conviction and dedication. Currently we are developing various residential, commercial, and township projects all across the nation. Through our exquisite show of creative yet structural sound work is what expanded the base of loyal customer and they trust in the name of Satyamev Group without any fear that they will have to face with buildings or with the process.

What we want to achieve

When we first stepped in this domain of builders and developers in Patna, our sole purpose was to become the most favoured real estate in India. Whether it is flats, rentals or townships, when it comes to building and architectural beauty our name will be among the most reputed real estate organizations in the country.

What is it that makes us different from rest?

As one of the most reputed builders in Patna, it is our customer centric approach: we believe that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and we always build structures that fulfil what our clients aspire from us as prime apartment builders in Patna. We remain in constant touch and believe in the power of feedback that continuously keeps us in sync with the expectations of our customers and ensures that we have a happy customer at the end of the day.

We believe that the clients are not just an entity that lasts as long as project exists, but they are a symbolic representation of our constant endeavour of providing the best and therefore, we believe in maintaining the relationship beyond work.

Choose the best, every time: From selecting the optimum plot, to planning out the best architectural structure, to using the best material for constructions, and to developing suitable system of marketing and giving the best to our customer, our team works day in day out to select the best out of everything because we believe in promising of providing the best marvel that our customer will ever get to see in any region. Our bird-like sharp selection and creating that incredible masterpiece is what we believe is another factor that makes us different from other builders in Patna and the most preferred choice among the customers.

Co-operative executives and excellent service: Experienced and well-trained administrative executives can convert a tedious procedure into a breeze. They can take care of various solid procedures like performance review, site survey, documentation, and so on. As reputed builders in Patna, we offer 24×7 customer service to our customers. Once you become a part of our team we ensure to keep your well-being as the utmost priority. We provide our esteemed customers with the best after-sale services and that helps in the growth of trust and reliability.

In the glory of Satyamev Group: Best Construction Company in Patna

Our constant endeavour to provide the best when it comes to real estate infrastructure has made us highly respected among builders and developers in Patna, and a name to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. We envisioned becoming the best in India and bringing in international standard in our buildings, as never seen before. Some of the ways which make us the champion in our trade are:

  • Our ingenious marketing strategy that helps to anticipate both expressed as well as latent desires and expectations of our customers which help us to fulfil the demands and deliver performance at par or above the expectations of our beloved clients.
  • Complete control over our work through constant feedback before, during, and after the project which helps us detect any faults and prevent them or improvise them at the earliest point possible.
  • Maintaining an open relationship with our loyal customers and therefore providing a mean to be in touch with our dedicated service centre to resolve any doubt or problem 24*7 a week.
  • Creating an infrastructure that also serves a socio-economic purpose that helps to uplift the landscape scenario nearby the project, making us the apartment builders of choice in Patna.
  • Making sure that we keep our words and deliver the project within the stipulated date to create confidence and trust among our customers.
  • We represent considerable authority in surpassing client desires in each venture. We have reliably accomplished most astounding client appraisals in each of our undertakings.
  • We use consistent advancement as the driving factor for our company.
  • We believe in conceptualizing and giving stunning life spaces that would suit the lifestyle of any customer. Our radical approach makes us the most sort-after builders and developers in Patna.
  • We use the advanced technologies for making safer and reliable frameworks that can upgrade the world of infrastructure and take it to another level.