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3 Questions to ask a real estate developer in Patna

Patna is an excellent destination to invest in real estate owing to numerous reasons. Firstly, Patna is the state capital and secondly, it is well connected to other cities. There are many new projects in Patna which include luxury as well as affordable townships. Read on to find the 3 questions you should be asking your real estate developer before buying a home in Patna.

Purchasing a home is going to be one of the biggest financial decisions of life, as it requires huge investment. Hence, it is necessary that you ensure that the decision you are making is right. Unfortunately, the real estate sector is fraught with fraud people, and if you end up choosing one of them, you can have on your hand several issues, like delays and legal complications.

You can find many new real estate projects coming up in Patna, from both seasoned as well as new real estate developers. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right real estate developer.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask a real estate developer in Patna: –

1. What is the use of land on which the project is developed?
Make sure that you check the land use agreement to know whether it is for residential or commercial use, how many floors can be built according to the permissions, etc. Often, developers of dubious reputation start developing new real estate projects and start to sell the properties before land acquisition is over. Even if a portion of land is in pending acquisition, it can affect the property. Therefore, always verify the land acquisition documents.

2. Do they have all the legal documents of the property?
When you choose a real estate project, ensure that you a real estate developer that has all the legal documents for the property. These documents include land title, authority approvals, construction commencement, building plan approval, etc. If you have any confusion or doubts regarding what documents are necessary, you may take help of a lawyer.

3. How much time would they require to complete the project?
Ask the real estate developer about the time of project delivery. There are many companies in the real estate market that promise but don’t deliver their projects on time. To make sure that your real estate developer is not lying about the project completion date, you can check if the previous projects were delivered on time or not.

Buying a home is a moment of achievement and delight, but also has its associated risks. From choosing the right property to making sure that the real estate developer can be trusted, there are many things that you need to ensure before making the right decision. A great way to solve this problem would be to select reputed names from the list of real estate companies in Patna, and look at their ongoing projects.