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Guide to best maintaining your apartment without much hassle

Cleaning and maintenance of an apartment can seem like a titanic task, more so if you are the only one responsible for it. A lot of young professionals, who are either pursuing their higher studies or working a job, opt for 2 BHK flats in Patna these days. And for people such as these who already have a lot on their plate, households chores can become an extra burden to carry.
When living in an apartment, you cannot just ignore its maintenance and care. So, to make things easier for you, here are 5 steps to nailing a perfectly clean apartment, that too conveniently –

Clear away the trash
If you carefully look around your apartment, you shall notice a lot of elements that your space can best do without. Among such items could be discarded fruits and vegetables or leftover food items, empty cans and bottles in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet, loose papers or sheets on your desk/table, dead flowers, and so on.
Most of these unnecessary items create clutter in your apartment. Some of it, if left as it is can also rot, leaving a foul smell within the house. Hence, make it a habit to trash it all into a garbage bag and fastening the mouth of the bag well. You can do this right after you empty a bottle or every night before you go to bed. You can then carry the garbage bag with you and dump it, when you leave for work in the morning.

Organize things well
If you did not already know it, here goes – assembling all loose items and organizing the cabinets, racks and storage spaces can solve as much as half of your hygiene and maintenance issues. So, arrange your dresser/closet, stack your toiletries into your bathroom cabinet, and organize your desk and kitchen drawers. Organizing things will not only make your living space look well-managed but also free up a lot of space for the new purchases that you make. If needed, get yourself some organizers or racks to ace better at organizing.

Clean the surfaces
However well-guarded and packed up your room may be, dust particles always manage to sneak into your space and settle down on surfaces. Other than that, kitchen spaces generally get grimy due to the use of cooking oil, butter, spices and so on. So, to give your apartment that neat and shiny look, get to cleaning the surfaces in your house. You can use a soft cloth or cleaning/moping sponge for the purpose. For difficult stains or spillage, for instance on kitchen cook-tops, use a soft bristle brush. Also make it a habit to clean your bathroom atleast twice a week.
Now, if you are an individual living in a 2 BHK flat in Patna, cleaning your bathroom once a week might also do. However try using, bathroom cleaners and disinfectants to do the job better and more efficiently.

Dust the corners
Since corners go unnoticed, these are parts in your house that are the most unclean. And if you keep ignoring the corners, there’s a chance that they may have rodents or roaches lurking around them. So fetch your dusters and brooms, and clean out the corners from those on the ground to those on the ceilings.
To best clean them, trying using dusters with a longer handle or a vacuum with a narrow mouth on top of the hose, since getting to the corners can be a difficult task.

Re-freshen up the environment
Once you are done cleaning, moping and arranging your apartment, it is time to add the final touch to all your efforts so far. All you have to do is make your living space fresher and more appealing by fetching a bunch of fresh flowers or installing air fresheners in the house.
Although you can easily forego this step, yet doing this will help you attain your purpose better.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and you will have mastered the art of apartment cleaning and management by the end of it.

Good luck!