Who We Are

1. Know us

Reaching where we are today, Satyamev Group is one of the most eminent names in the real estate industry in Patna, Bihar. Since our inception our approach has been to offer uncompromising integrity in customer engagement and quality assurance by serving real estate development, management and investment services of the highest caliber.

Encapsulating bold and clear vision, Satyamev Group is transforming the way people live. We aspire to go beyond and shape a new lifestyle that is built by an all encompassing vision, tireless effort, a knack for anticipating future needs and excellent leadership. Our brilliant architects, thinkers and designers create mindfully innovative, sustainable communities that radiate with possibility and inspire a new way of thinking about urban living.

Today, Satyamev Group enjoys a position of trust established over years of uncompromising quality as we adhered in laying our foundation on customer satisfaction. While orchestrating the fusion of attractive, distinct exterior and interior designs and strong foundations, we bestow the utmost care to every aspect. From concept to completion, even the smallest details are taken into consideration. Whether we are inducting novel technologies or upgrading the existing ones, our projects are constantly set on building better homes that lasts a lifetime.

2. Step towards building better future / Environment Policy / Sustainability

We are zealously dedicated towards protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our communities. We strive to uphold uncompromising business ethics by creating homes and communities that are both successful and sustainable in every possible way. Our environmental policies adhere scrupulously to strict operating guidelines to ensure that we impose minimal impact on the eco-systems in which we operate. We work continually towards creating awareness amongst our employees, contractors, suppliers and communities regarding the impact that our business activities can have on the surrounding environment and lay heavy emphasis towards a responsible behavior we expect of them so at to eliminate, reduce and control potential environmental impacts.

As a real estate developer, well being of the communities that we build in is of pre- eminence. This includes developing green buildings and taking effort to minimize the impact our green buildings may have on the surrounding environment. We strive to build and operate our real estate value chain in an efficient,responsible manner and of highest quality. For instance, we ensure that our home owners and institutional customers benefit from all green building virtues such as indoor air quality, resource efficiency as well as the green belt found at our properties. Besides, going green also makes good business sense. Since years, we have successfully constructed buildings that are capable of achieving 20-30% reduction in energy consumption and about 30-40% savings in water consumption. We will continue to be prudent in conserving our natural resources, eliminating environmental pollution and maintaining the ecological balance for abiding welfare of our communities and coming generations. We effectuate with the resolution of stowing Indian industry at the global vanguard of green innovation.

3. Our Logo

Our logo has been thoughtfully designed by our visionary director, Mr Ranjeet K Singh who has manifested the foundations of our company through it. Our Logo emanates all the inherit elements of optimism, energy, balance, perfection, passion, use of technology and above all the beliefs of our company.

The mountain shape of our logo denotes the balance with which our company has grown over the years. Our growth is directly proportional with the growth of our employees, stake holders, investors, community and most importantly our customer. The foundations of our company is deep rooted which has resulted in immense growth of everyone associated with us.

The blue color in our logo signifies the sea and sky. It symbolizes the depth and stability of our fore grown foundations. The color blue also imitates our most important resolution of sustainability.

The purple color in our logo escalates and complements the stability of our company. It connotes the inventiveness and prudence with which this company had been established Through consistent use of our brand identity we express our intrinsic qualities completely and built an impactful Group image.

Our logo thus reflects the very soul of our corporate entity and signals the common values and beliefs that guide our behavior and the manner in which we conduct ourselves. It instills a sense of immense pride, honor, unity and belongingness in all the people within the folds of our Group. Our logo is our identity to the world outside.


To continue to dream big as the company grows, driven to explore new ways of raising the bar for quality and value integrated living.


To become the most preferred real estate brand in India by thriving for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics and transparency in all spheres of business conduct.


To enable customers to shift their lifestyles from predominantly rent driven model to an own end user home that is cost competitive, inspired from sustainable living and a beneficiary investment for the family.