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Who We Are

The inception of Satyamev Group among the Patna real estate companies marked the birth of a real estate conglomerate that brought brick and mortar dreams to life.

As one of the prime real estate companies in India, our projects are marked with innovation and sustainable aesthetics that fit in perfectly with functionality. Our projects span living spaces, offices, rentals, complexes, townships and customized offerings that bring exquisite real estate offerings in the budget of the common citizen.

We have jumped from success to success and achieved an exponential growth rate that has stunned our competitors and silenced our critics and placed us on the list of top real estate companies in India.

In a very short time, we at Satyamev Group have amassed a robust and steadily expending loyal customer base despite the fiercely competitive real estate environment we operate in, becoming one of the best real estate companies of India.

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From the leading real estate giant in Patna to the top choice among real estate companies in India, for both the present as well as non-resident Indians… our targets are lofty. We aspire to become the most respected names in real estate on a pan India base by the end of 2020.

Our goal is to make Satyamev Group the first choice for every person who wishes to purchase a home/ office/ property/ investment land in any corner of India and searches for the best real estate companies in India. The future is sure to be brilliant!


Our vision at Satyamev Group is to leave an indelible mark as a top real estate company in Patna and India. We aspire to develop such architectural marvels and real estate wonders that appeal to the clients and exceed their expectations. Our foremost duty is to ensure customer’s satisfaction and act in a socially responsible manner that maintains and improves the community’s well-being.


Our mission is to establish a hub of smart and remarkable construction units across India and become the one stop solution to all customer queries and demands in the realty sector. We have unveiled the idea of affordable luxurious houses and made them a reality for our valuable customers.

Putting in our sincerest efforts and working with complete dedication we hope to top the list of real estate companies in India in some time, as we have already topped the list of top real estate companies in Patna.

About Satyamev

Satyamev Developcon, a name in real estate industry that shall echo across decades.
We are a premium real estate company in Patna who believe in serving excellence and delivering value to our priced customers. Our belief is in timely execution of the projects we undertake and on the same parallel maintaining consistent performance in terms of quality.

Catering the customers through the innovation of our trained professionals and architects will successfully place us on the top of the client’s wish-list.

Our strength, reliability and kinship are the three pillars that shall felicitate our growth in the long run.

Our group is nurtured under the supervision of Mr Ranjeet K Singh, the most enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur of all times. His visionary thoughts guide and motivate us to go beyond our conventionalities to serve the clientele in the best way.


1. How does Satyamev rank among the list of real estate companies in Patna?

Satyamev is definitely counted among the top real estate companies in Patna, owing to its commitment towards providing world class developments to our customers. It is also our sheer dedication to our customers and the fact that we treat them as our utmost priorities that has led to us being counted as the top real estate companies in India. Our relationship with our customer lasts for far beyond them buying our properties, as we offer them 24 hour customer support to help ensure that all their doubts and queries are dealt with in a timely manner. Apart from this, what also helps Satyamev top the list of real estate companies in Patna and India, is the fact that we provide top notch development projects that are also eco-friendly and sustainable environmentally.

2. Should I invest in a property by Satyamev Heights?

Satyamev Heights is on the list of top real estate companies in India and offers apartments and township projects that are located in prime localities, are easily accessible, and are filled with world class amenities. What sets Satyamev apart from most real estate companies in India is the fact that they treat their customers as their top priority and are truly committed to offering perfect customer service apart from the top of the range developments.