Director’s Message

The Best Investment on Earth is Earth.
With this in mind, I, Director, Ranjeet K Singh, at a very young age decided to redesign the norms of Real Estate Industry. My intent is simple “Creating Spaces that brings families together in a place called HOME”. My approach is unambiguous. Each of our projects defines sustainable and environment friendly atmosphere in and around the space. We take pride in enacting, exemplifying and exceeding the highest environmental standards. My projects profoundly articulate my company’s motive.
We constantly assess opportunities in the market, using independent and conservative judgment. The company uses its competitive advantage to produce a desirable product through unique design concepts and architectural innovation that adhere to global standards. We design homes that can be held in trust for generations. Some of the key themes represented in our approach include creating a sense of place, brighter living experience, technological innovation, thoughtful amenities, safety and security. We work smart, around the clock, and maintain a strong customer service ethic to ensure we deliver on our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We are constantly sharpening our strategy to be one of the respected, unconventional and most admired company across nation. Our success should be measured not in square foot but with the number of happy families that we bring together. My company’s foundation is undoubtedly its employees that have always been the driving force of our triumph. Therefore, we at Satyamev Group, carry out our jobs with immense zest, admiration towards one another, show the utmost competence and work as a team to meet our clients’ needs.

Mr. Ranjeet K Singh,

Founder and Managing Director