Code of Conduct

What are our Code of Conducts?

Satyamev Developcon Pvt. Ltd. aims at strengthening its core values by underlying the following policies for our code of conduct. The idea behind this is to set up an ethical work environment for both our employees and clients.

Customer support cell – the purpose of this cell is not restricted to recording of the customer problems but also to come up with a solution of the same in the next 48 hours.

Quality task force – this special task force is to ensure the quality of raw materials and other related equipments. Also they are required to inform the top management about any discrepancy.

Open door policy – this policy helps in resolving the issues of our employees. Under this they are free to contact their vertical and horizontal reporting heads at any time.

Anonymous reporting – if any employee anonymously, wishes to bring any issue under the notice can use this tool. A special committee will be managing the complaints filed under it.