Our Projects

At Satyamev Group India, we are known for our world-class real estate projects offering an extremely well-balanced mix of living, retail, health and entertainment spaces, along with a wealth of benefits of condominium living. Plus, our projects include essential social and infrastructure facilities, like health care, hospitality and office spaces.

As the top builders in Patna, it is our unspoken responsibility to not just attain but to maintain high quality standards, a key facet that we constantly ensure. Our properties for sale in Patna boast of excellent standards of workmanship and innovation.

In the end, we would like to summarise about us as a company who had a humble beginning who is now able to dream big because of its constant effort and blessings of its loyal customers.

  • Keeping the customer centric approach in all our projects to fulfil the current and future requirements of our customer at all the points of time. We believe in symbolic connection with our clients and extend our help even beyond the project.
  • To setup a standard in creating exquisite real estate infrastructures that will not only provide the optimum house or building that is economical but is also satisfying at its core.
  • Change is the only constant, and we believe in the idea of constant innovation to stay at the top in our domain and provide the best of the world.


1.What makes the Satyamev Group the top builders in Patna?

Satyamev Group has managed to become one of the top apartment builders in Patna owing mainly to their customer centric approach. From helping a customer choose the right apartment to invest in to providing them complete after sales services, including 24 hour customer support, Satyamev Group treats its customers as the top priority. Apart from that, Satyamev Group is among the builders in Patna that provide some of the best developments in the city with high international standards of quality maintained in the amenities they provide, in creating a sustainable development, and in the aesthetics of the project.

2.What is the aim of Satyamev Group builders and developers in Patna?

What makes Satyamev Group count among the top builders and developers in Patna is the fact that we aim to provide our customers the most accessible projects without sacrificing anyway with the quality of the projects being developed. We at Satyamev Group aim to become a hub for excellence and to set up a network of reliable services that can serve to make the nation a great place to live. We want to provide the people with access to the best of the services without creating any burden or financial pressure on them. We wish to provide sustainability as well as premium quality in order to ensure the well-being of the customers who choose us as builders and developers in Patna for their investments.