CSR Contribution

As a Company born in Bihar, India, we believe in giving back to the country that has played such a seminal role in our success story.

Green Mission

Our green philosophy of development is widely accepted across the spectrum as evident from the numerous awards and recognitions it has bagged. Akin to that, several green initiatives are underway in the CSR project areas also. All projects are constructed with minimum carbon footprints and without making any changes in the terrains of the land, large-scale rain harvesting methods and processes, planting more herbs and plants and preserving the existing flora and fauna to the extent possible. Our projects have a dedicated amount of green area that strives to achieve a goal good earth for the goodness of human beings.

Water Conservation

Satyamev has chosen to make a difference and include water saving technologies in their properties right at the design stage. Installation of water efficient plumbing fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, water meters etc are some of the few steps taken by our company to contribute towards water conservation. Utilizing a well designed plumbing system in a building can save gallons of water per day. Rainwater harvesting systems are an effective method of water conservation and are mandate by both municipal authorities and the ministry of environment, forest and climate change.
It goes without saying that our eminent teams of designers are innovatively building structures to maintain a sustainable environmental balance. While educating and creating awareness contribute to saving, the quantum of saving from buildings designed to reduce water consumption is much greater. With a little change, we are constantly trying our best to contribute immensely to water conservation efforts and help mitigate the current water crisis.

Understanding and Preserving Bihar Culture and Folks

At Satyamev, we understand the people who live in our homes as; we all are a part of the same larger community. Our team has the first hand personal experience of living and working in the area. Each of our projects is build keeping in mind the aesthetics of the community. No one understands the needs and challenges of the homeowners in Bihar better than we do. Therefore to preserve the culture of our community is of the utmost importance. We as a company have numerous projects and initiatives underway to promote Bihar Folk and culture.