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Advantages of Living in a Community with Green Spaces

The importance of green spaces in our life is easily taken for granted. Green spaces in societies are more than just places for recreational activities; green spaces provide important functions to society. From acting as stress buster and mood enhancer to providing privacy and tranquility, let us take a look the benefits of green spaces in a township by real estate developer in patna.

Peace and tranquility
Well-designed green spaces with strategically planted trees screen out the street noises and provide peace and tranquility.

Reduces stress
Green spaces are known to act as stress-buster. The green environs also provide a gathering place for the community, creating a close-knit neighborhood and improving the general well-being of the residents.

Beneficial for children
Studies have shown that children who get exposure to greenery are better at handling peer pressure and other challenging situations compared to children who don’t. Such children are also found to perform better in studies.

Health Benefits
There is a growing evidence of positive impact of green spaces on health. It has been found that plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension associated with stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger.

Increases the community’s appeal
Communities with good landscaping are known to be more appealing than one without. Potential buyers are known to look for community with well-landscaped grounds and a green place for taking a walk. There is also a definite increase in the self-esteem of residents living in a community with green spaces.

Close-knit communities
Residents of societies with green spaces are known to know their neighbors better. They also socialize more often and have a stronger feeling of a community. They also feel safer living in a community with green spaces than in “barren” community.

Water quality protection
Proper landscaping and green spaces reduce nitrate leaching from the soil into the water supply. Green spaces also reduce surface water runoff and keep the phosphorus and other pollutants out of the waterways.

More green spaces in a community hold a number of advantages for the residents. The importance of green spaces has not escaped the notice of real estate developer in patna and more and more of them are incorporating landscaping into their projects. Satyamev Group, India’s leading real estate developer in patna is leading from the front when it comes to incorporating green spaces in its real estate projects.