Green Living

How to practice the 3R in your apartment?

There are various ways in which you can make your surrounding more and more Eco-friendly. One of them includes the practice of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The very first step towards environment-friendly habits must involve limiting things that harm the Nature. Secondly, you need to identify the advantages of re-usability in controlling waste creation. And last but not the least; you need to learn smart ways to recycle things you use in your daily life.

We at Satyamev Group love everything Patna, so bear with us on that! Let’s say you live in some residential apartment in Patna. Does not mean you cannot practice any of the above? Incorrect! In fact, you can practice the 3Rs in your house – apartment in patna or condo in some short and simple steps. To give you a good start in this direction, here are a few tips –


  • Purchase only what you actually need and not more
  • Cook only as much as you can eat so that nothing is wasted
  • Shop for fresh food items at the farmer’s market
  • Buy items that have no packaging or packets that can be recycled
  • Limit the use of bottled water to a bare minimum


  • Utilize glass jars and mason jars for food canning
  • Utilize soda bottles to make bird feeders
  • Turn old clothes into washable cleaning rags
  • Place clear plastic lids underneath oil jars to prevent oil marks on the shelf or cupboard
  • Use small tubes and bottles to make your own travelling packs
  • Utilize old newspapers to line your kitchen bins


  • Instead of throwing away the water that you boil your food or wash your vegetables with use it to water plants
  • Donate your old clothing, footwear, furniture so that someone else can use it
  • Designate a separate bin for different categories of wastes
  • Find a place in your neighborhood that recycles electronics, plastic, glass and metal items
  • Encourage and involve your neighbors to recycle with you and also at their own houses

These little steps can lead to a sustainable way of life, which you can seep down to all those whom you know. After all, it all begins at home!