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3 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

Don’t you want your bedroom to look like a plush hotel room? While you might not be able to bring the designer space-like look and plush feeling of the hotel rooms to your bedroom, you can certainly make it look more luxurious. The task of achieving a luxury look is easier than you think. Here’s how you can do it:

If there is anything that needs upgrading to make your bedroom look expensive, it is the pillows. A bed topped with layered pillows brings a sense of luxuriousness to your bedroom. The pillows you sleep on should sit propped against the bedhead and should be overlaid with decorative pillows in ascending order of height. Remember, sleeping pillows and decorative pillows should never take up more than a quarter of the total bed length.

One of the most affordable ways to ramp-up your bedroom is by replacing lampshades. Replacing lampshades is in fact the simplest way to give your bedroom a feeling of luxury. Try to match the shade of the lamp with the flooring. For example, top builders in Patna mostly use wood flooring for bedroom, so opting for a lampshade that gives earthly hues can really help you. Another tip; choose a shade that is taller than what one would usually expect.

Artwork is created to be seen, and going by that notion, the right place for it would be the social areas of the house, for example the living room. But if your bedroom lacks art, it could be an important factor robbing your bedroom of that “luxe” feeling. You can always hang some of your favorite artwork in your bedroom. Just because your bedroom is your private space, it doesn’t mean that one cannot put their best art work there. If you are still worried about overloading the space with art work, you can redistribute it across the house, and augment it by placing a statement piece over the bedhead for maximum impact.

You can also upgrade your sheets to get the luxurious look. Don’t be fixed on the ‘white’ color; remember to mix, and lastly, add a dresser by the bed. This would help lend a luxurious feel to your bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket.

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