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3 Tips for Growing a Kitchen Garden in Patna

We do our best to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle. We buy organic foods and super foods that are supposed to keep us healthy. We purify our drinking water and pay attention to our body. A kitchen garden fits perfectly into this picture. What can be healthier than home-grown herbs and vegetables; fresh and tasty?! But there is a practical aspect to it, which is how to create an herb garden in the confines of your apartment. The first step is to make sure that when you look for property for sale in Patna, it has a balcony or a small terrace. Below are a few tips to help you create a kitchen garden: –

Evaluate the space available
The most important thing for creating a kitchen garden is to choose a good place for it. This will of course be dependent on the available space. If you have limited space, like a windowsill, then you can probably grow herbs in a few pots. But as said earlier, when you look for property for sale in Patna, it should have a small balcony or roof. A balcony or a roof gives you endless possibilities when it comes to growing a kitchen garden. But make sure that you factor in the amount of sunlight you will be getting in the space chosen to grow your garden.

Create more space by going vertical
The best way to create space in small spaces is to create vertical space. You can use walls, railings and ceiling to hang planters. A little bit of planning and you can increase your space up to 3-4 times this way. You can also hang sleeves where you can put small pots. Another great idea is to use a shoe rack.

Provide shade in summer
Plants need sunlight but as with everything, moderation is very important. If your garden receives day long excessive sunshine and provides a little afternoon shade especially during summers, you need to move those potted herbs inside. Too much sun can dry the plants, especially herbs.
With these tips and some dedication, you will soon have a kitchen garden supplying you with healthy and tasty veggies for cooking.

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