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Real Estate – The First Choice among High Net-worth Investors in India

The real estate industry in India has been proliferating recently, and at a rapid rate at that. Although given its sluggishness over the last couple of years, this sudden leap might take experts by surprise; there are good reasons as to why this has happened.

Reports from reliable consultancy firms suggest that of late, the real estate market within the country has been gaining a lot of attention from High Net-worth Individuals in India. Swiftly growing luxury residential projects have been persuading a substantial number of ultra-rich individuals to consider buying second homes.

What effected the change?
Things have begun looking brighter for the Indian real estate this year as compared to the past few years. Taking a closer look at the scenarios, one may find that a lot of these changes can be credited to the strong sectoral reforms that cropped up in the form of demonetization, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and Goods and Service Tax (GST). Now, with all these being factored into the real estate market, there has been a definite enhancement in transparency and consolidation.

Furthermore, the announcement of extensive relaxation in the Foreign Direct Investments (100% in real estate) by the Government of India has been the reason behind the remaining impetus.

What can be expected?
High Net-worth Individuals, as per reports, have commenced investments in realty, expecting returns between 20 to 30 per cent in the coming couple of years. Owing to multiple factors such as the growing economy, increasing needs for office spaces, better rental yields and easy exit processes, demands for commercial properties is expected to pick up by 2020. An increase in commercial property demand will automatically fuel demand for residential properties too, thus growing the residential property market in its wake too.

As per our analysis here at the Satyamev Groups, HNIs who invest in real estate always remain in the lookout for properties with a potential to turn into a real estate hotspot. So, good things can also be expected for regions where smart city developments have been announced, such as Patna.
Giving a sweeping look at the Indian real estate, one shall find that it has mostly yielded good returns on investment. Hence, it is easy to deduce that HNIs making smart investments will definitely end up prospering from it.