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How do You keep your family safe in Covid times?

Covid-19 is unlike any other threat humanity has had to face in decades, and it has definitely made everyone feel vulnerable at some point in time. Now, even though many developments are being made to curb the pandemic, in major areas including the discovery of an effective vaccine, the ‘Covid-Scare’ is still quite prevalent.

In the past few months, the definition of normalcy has slightly changed and people have   started to realise the importance of overall safety & need for precautionary measures. Staying safe and keeping your near and dear ones safe is immensely significant. Taking care of one’s loved ones is the absolute need of the hour.

It is said and said right that safety begins at home. The lockdown that was implemented to curb the spread of the Pandemic & is still prevalent in containment zones exemplifies how you’re the safest in your own home.

Tough times like this reveal how important it is to have a home of your own. If you are residing in Patna and have an apartment in one of the top Real Estate projects like Satyamev Heights by Satyamev Group, it is easier to get through tough times. Having a safe space to live in during tough times is very settling.

Considering the peculiarity of time, there are things one must keep in mind to protect oneself and one’s family. This involves everything right from maintaining proper distancing to taking all necessitate precautionary measures.

Some points one must keep in mind are as follow: 

  • Ensure Safety of High-Risk Members: It is important that the members of the family that are at risk at all are taken extra care of. Make sure they are isolated as much as possible for their safety and even consult the Doctor to make sure the rate of risk is lowered as much as possible.
  • Wear the Mask Appropriately: Wearing the mask is the most effective way of curbing the possibility of catching the virus through any transmission. Make sure you comply with the safety guidelines, among which wearing the mask is prominent.
  • Wash your Facemask: Just wearing the mask isn’t enough, make sure it’s clean and well-washed or sanitized to minimize any possibility of contagion.
  • Take Supplements or Medicines as per prescription: Under no circumstances should you take matters beyond your comprehension in your own hands. Contact a doctor for any advisory or suggestive precautions.
  • Health Check-Ups: Get proper and regular health check-ups to ensure your well-being, however, if possible, avoid going to the hospitals, specially if your area falls in the risk zones.
  • Necessitate Isolation: Isolate sick individuals in a safe space in your home to avoid any direct contact specially with members of the family who may fall in the high-risk category.
  • Hand Hygiene: Make sure you maintain proper hand hygiene, even if you are staying in the comfort of your home. Avoid shaking hands at all.
  • Sanitization: Sanitise your home every now and then. If you have to leave home, sanitize your belongings as soon as you can.
  • Maintain Social Distancing: Your safety ensures everyone else’s safety, so when you go outside, to your workplace or any other place, maintain proper social distancing.

It is highly predominant to take care of the every minute safety measure for personal well-being as well as ensuring the well-being of others.