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Home Tips To Keep You Busy During COVID-19 Lockdown

We don’t exactly have the idea to how long we’re going to be in CORONA VIRUS lockdown, but what we do know is that it’s important that we keep ourselves busy at home.

Let’s not turn into lazy people instead stay fit and stimulated by doing those odd jobs around the house that we’ve been always putting off. And to get them done quicker, get the whole family involved. Believe us. You’ll be happy you did as it will make your home a wonderful place to live.

Not sure what you can do to make your home Environment Homes? We have a few Ideas to get your psyche under way:

Fix up paintwork or Completely repaint a room

Sitting inside those four walls inevitably leads you to notice things that you would otherwise overlook, such as scuffs, marks, scratches and dents on your painted walls.

If you still have a pot of the original paint still knocking around, dig out a few paintbrushes and carefully touch up the affected areas.

Or you could be more ambitious than that and buy a new paint online so that you can repaint a room.

Colours that are hot this spring include Coral Pink, Biscay Green and a classic Yellow to add a bit of light to your interior.

Do some retouching and consider things to upcycle

We’re regularly too lazy to fix certain things that are really easy to patch, without the requirement for outside help. Get your backside into gear and sort those little leaks, secure those door and cabinet knobs and fix that cracked grouting. You will save loads of money doing it yourself and can always find a YouTube video for some visual assistance, if you need it.

Then put your thinking cap on and see if there’s any items you can creatively reuse for decorative and functional purposes. Convert some old wooden crates into shelving units or use any empty jam jars for displaying lights. The only limit is your imagination!

Get your garden looking lovely

Thank heavens for our gardens. Make the most of yours to get plenty of fresh air into your lungs. After the rough winter months, a bit of tidying may be needed first before you can let the kids put up a tent on the grass or do some rock painting, whilst you enjoy a few cold ones in the sunshine.

Give the lawn its first cut of the year, cut back your hedges, pull out any weeds and get planting to bring out some colour once the summer arrives.

Going to nature with Environment Homes and developing things can be great for your wellbeing at a difficult time of COVID-19 this way.