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Dos and Don’ts about home décor that you must know

So, you bought a residential flat in Patna and are excited about the whole home décor thing. But hold on a minute, you also find it daunting. Well, you are totally not wrong here.

There are endless numbers of possibilities as to what you can do within the given area, but then again, there are a heap load of things to be taken care of from lighting, color, furniture, and curtains to what not. To ensure that all the hard work that you are putting in pays off well, you need to consider certain rules of home décor.

To help you better, here are a few dos and don’ts you need to learn of: –

Don’t put small pieces of art on large walls

An empty wall definitely looks depressing and hanging a piece of art or two is actually one fine idea for covering the emptiness. However, you must know the rules to hanging things on your house walls to better bring out the beauty of the place. For starters, you must choose the rightly sized artwork with respect to the walls and then hang them at eye-level and not closer to the ceiling.

Do hang curtains high and wide on windows

Curtains do enhance the privacy within the house and also bar light and wind. Apart from these, they also add glamor and character to the whole room, given they are properly framed on the windows that is. The manner in which the curtains within a room have been placed contributes greatly to whether the space will look small and awkward or beautiful and grand.

The general rule is to hang the curtains as high and far and wide as possible, to make your room appear larger and wider.

Don’t select a rug that is not the right size for your space

A lot of people opt for rugs to add a sophisticated feel to their living space. Area rugs are indeed a better alternative to wall-to-wall carpets because of the whole easy to remove and clean aspects. The same way as curtains, even the rugs at your place are responsible for how the space within, appears.

A small-sized rug will dwarf the whole space; hence, you must avoid buying disproportionate rugs. Bear in mind that the right sized rug is the one that has its edges floating a few inches under the furniture.

Do go for different textures

Times have changed and people are opting out of uniformity as it is no longer interesting. So, opt for some mixing, especially when it comes to textures in your décor. With leather, fluffy, soft, woven, heavy, sequins, light, etc. there is no lack of options. Playing with textures will help you counter the plain and boring, smartly.

Now while as you go ahead with your whole home décor business within your new residential flat in Patna, also ensure not to overdo stuff. You wouldn’t want to make your place seem all cluttered up, now would you?!

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