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Clever tricks to pep up your boring living room

After research about the best real estate companies in India, you’ve invested your money into an excellent township project.

You’ve finally moved into your own house and have started unpacking things. The next thing on your mind will definitely be- ‘how to make your home look its best’?

When setting up a new home from scratch, it is all about setting the right atmosphere. Obviously, it will take some time to understand where to put what and how to decorate, but knowing a few tricks will certainly help. In this blog, we will provide some great advice on making your living room stand out!

To get you started, we have compiled a few clever tips for making your living room look cozy yet elegant: –

  • Start with the walls and floor
  • The walls and floor of a living room are areas which can be used to add a defining effect to the room. Add a colorful rug or carpet, or if you do not like the way your floor looks, you can revamp it with floor laminates. Doing up the floors will change your living room instantly, reflecting light, and producing a clean, fresh feel. Laying down a rug with colors or patterns will not only make the room look more spacious but it will also draw attention to focal points. For the walls, use vibrant color to create a vivid accent wall, or hang paintings or framed photographs as artwork. The best would be to mix and match patterns, prints, textures and colors.

  • Use the light effect
  • The key to setting the perfect ambience and mood is using lighting in an excellent way. A statement light fixture can instantly brighten up the room. Light fixtures come in a range of styles, from antique to contemporary and traditional styles, so choose one that goes with the interiors and the décor of your living room.

  • Dress up the windows
  • Dress up the living room windows to make the room look more inviting and warm. Hang beautiful draperies in lovely colors that match well with the furniture and other décor pieces. Try light, translucent curtains for a more relaxed vibe.

  • Add decorative showpieces
  • Add shelves to put interesting pieces of décor like books, pictures, artifacts, etc. Put decorative vases and fill them with real flowers. For frames or artifacts, you can play around with proportions, start with larger to medium and finish by putting a few small pieces.

When it comes to adding flavor to a living room, the possibilities are endless. All you need is to have a bit of creativity and imagination to get it going!

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