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4 ways to curb clutter in small spaces

Living in a 2 BHK flat in Patna, you must have often wondered about ways you can control clutter and create more space in your room. But, the challenge of de-cluttering is something that’s common to everyone who lives in a small space, be it a studio apartment or a 2 BHK flat in Patna or anywhere else for that matter.
You organize everything during the weekend and in a matter of a day or two, things are again back in a mix. So how you keep your de-cluttering game going? Here’s some help: –

Keep less stuff
The first step is simple really. The lesser stuff you have, the lesser will be the clutter. Making list of things that are more important to you can be a good start in this direction. Next, toss out things that are just lying there and have no usage (practical or aesthetic) for the space. If you don’t want to throw away stuff, you can just lend it to a friend who might need it.

Assign a specific space for everything
When you fix areas for the important stuff, anything that is extra will directly catch your attention. Besides, when you assign spaces for certain category of items, it just gets easier to find them. On the other hand, had they been lying around, it would not only take you forever to hunt them down but also lead to more clutter.

Set a purging routine
The thing about clutter is that it grows. So, you have to keep organizing things from time to time. While you can always clear the clutter as and when you see it, it helps to have a set routine for de-cluttering, if you are a busy person. You can do some de-cluttering few times a year or once every month, based on your convenience.

Make putting things away a habit
Forming a habit of placing things where they belong is actually good and very helping. This way you will prevent the clutter from occurring in the first place. You do not have to be obsessed about it. So if you find a shirt lying around, place it back in the closet.

Installing drawers and cabinets, keeping paper and plastic usage to a minimum are a few other ways that you can curb clutter from increasing in your house. You might find all these too much of work, but once you have managed the clutter, you will see the satisfaction that it brings.